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Welcome to the event's website for the WORLD MOTORSPORTS BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION, which is based in the motorsports industry.  Many individuals at risk for breast cancer are under or not insured.  The World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation is a charitable organization that raises money for the victims of breast cancer that are uninsured and have a household income under $50,000 per year and are receiving treatment at a local free clinic. NO FUNDS are provided directly to individual victims of breast cancer. The Foundation provides grants to clinics for the treatment of breast cancer victims, to schools/community centers for educational programs on breast cancer awareness and self-testing and is attempting to fund the Annie's Mini-Grant, which will pay up to $500 for personal bills of victims of breast cancer.  The Foundation also hopes to establish a FAMILY GRANT program that will eventually provide up to $10,000 per year for that family to use as they need. This FAMILY GRANT will be issued each year until the clinic reports the breast cancer victim cured or has passed away.

The Foundation attends events in the automotive and the motor industry everywhere they can and social events throughout the USA. The Foundation would like to hold events like the Save the Knockers Rallies that can be hosted by clubs, companies or individuals anywhere in the USA. Interested clinics and or individuals are encouraged to contact the Foundation for help in establishing fundraising programs within their states.  The Foundation is always interested in working with clinics that serve the poor and uninsured as well as any company that has a desire to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate than most of us.

The Foundation is open to any individual, company or organization, interested in helping raise awareness and funds that can help those dealing with financial issues related to cancer. The foundation has many options for companies, like our FREE Corporate Partner Program, which will bring civic pride to the company and the community it resides in.  We also have a FREE program for Fire Departments that provides them a way to raise funds for their community breast cancer program at zero cost to them and add their community clinic/hospital and the Foundation Trust Fund Clinic program.

Remember - PINK isn't one month out of the year.   Every day IS PINK!

Why the Foundation was Founded 

Thomas A. Pollard founded the W.M.S.B.C.F. after he saw firsthand the hardship that his mother went through when she dealt with cancer and his aunt Rose who passed away from breast cancer in the mid-1950s. Although his mother didn't have breast cancer, he knew that all cancer victims have the same hardships, mentally, physically and financially. Even if the person or family has great medical insurance the medical bills can be overbearing. That was when he discovered that there are limited places to turn for help when things seem too much to deal with for the victims and families of breast cancer.

Tom's mother, Anne, had pancreatic cancer. She battled it for a little over a year before getting the surgery. 22 years after the surgery she was one of the few survivors of pancreatic cancer to have survived this long after the surgery. She passed away Oct. 28, 2011, after battling bone and skin cancer at the age of 86.  Tom's Father battled Parkinson's for 15 years before passing away from it on May 26, 2010. So Tom has seen first hand what cancer and other illnesses due to the victim and how it affects the families' daily lives.

Tom did volunteer work for about a year with a breast cancer charity, and in doing so, he found to his surprise that there were no charities out there that help the victims and their families. Only indirectly by funding research. Tom discovered that there were no breast cancer foundations involved in the motorsports industry, so In October 2008 he started working to develop the World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation (W.M.S.BC.F.), knowing that the motorsports industry and motorsports lovers are very giving, and are all about trying to help out others.  After a few years of doing research, talking to companies and spending his free time organizing the Foundation, In January of 2011, Tom was able to work full time on the Foundation and during that time the Foundation has had major growth.

No matter who you are, in some way, most people have been touched by cancer. Either firsthand or have friends and family who have or had cancer.  Remember, ONE out of every EIGHT females will get BREAST CANCER and 18% of all females in the USA have no insurance and 90% of those men who do contract breast cancer will die from it since they have NO knowledge what to look for.  Because of this Tom has worked hard to provide information and educational materials that are given out FREE at every event the Foundation attends with the goal to educate men and females what to look for and ask one's doctor about.


The following is a list of the TRUST FUNDS and  PROGRAMS THE WORLD MOTORSPORTS BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION currently is attempting to fund and offer.  100% of the donations we receive, go to the Trust or Program you pick.  If you do not select one of our trust or programs your donation will go to the ADMINISTRATION TRUST that supports our educational program, printing cost, and general operating fees.  NO funds currently are used for salaries since our entire staff is totally volunteer.

A: CLINIC / HOSPITAL TRUST FUND (Currently on hold till someone volunters to manage it)
This program supports clinics and hospitals that provide services to individuals who are poor and or underinsured.  NO funds may be used for salaries or administrative costs by the clinic and or hospital.  Our goal is to provide funding to 20 clinics and or hospitals across the U.S. A. and grant a minimum of $100,000 per clinic/hospital per year.  That means we will need a minimum of 20 million dollars in the Trust Fund to fully fund this program.
This grant, once funded, will provide help to breast cancer patients that are struggling with their monthly medical and or household bills, up to $500 per month.  The Foundation will pay the bill(s), like rent, water, electric, gas etc and provide the patient with a paid receipt.  Our goal is to provide support to a minimum of 1000 patients per year.  For us to accomplish this we need to have at least 6 million dollars in the trust to support patients' needs.
This program provides medical debt relief to veterans and cancer patients who have become insolvent due to their medical bills.  For every $1.00 raised we will be able to relieve $100 of medical debt.  Our goal is to reduce $1,000,000 of medical debt of cancer patients and veterans, every year.

This trust fund is set up for High School Students who may have lost a parent to breast cancer or whose family is under extreme financial position who qualifies academically.  Grants will be given in $5,000 amounts per year as long as the student maintains a GPA of no less 2.5 and shows progress to be completed in 4 years.  This grant will not exceed $20,000.  Our goal is to provide up to 20 scholarships per year.  For this to happen we will need to raise at least 1 to 4 million dollars for this trust fund.

E: PROSTHETICS PROGRAM (Currently suspended do to no manager)
This program is for those females who have had a mastectomy and or have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.  Females who would like to have a prosthetic replacement and financially cannot afford the operation, we hope to provide this service and in the meantime provide a temporary knitted prosthetic.  

This account is for the general operational cost of the Foundation, such as legal and professional fees (attorney/accountant), marketing, utilities, rent, printing, mailing, insurance, truck maintenance and eventually replacement, travel expenses to events, event fees, etc.  We hope to eventually have $3.5 million in this program, with the proceeds, covering our cost to operate the Foundation each year, with compensation to no more than 3 full-time employees.  (CURRENTLY, NO SALARIES OR BENEFITS ARE PAID TO ANYONE, TILL THIS CAN BE FUNDED) By having this in place we can assure all our supporters that 100% of their merchandise purchases support the operation of the charity. Currently, the sale of our merchandise will provide funds for the operation of the Foundation until our goal is reached. Any proceeds from the sale of our merchandise that exceeds $300,000 per year will be dispersed to the other trust funds.

This program allows for 70% of the funds raised at a local event, to remain in the local area (hospital/clinic) or for breast cancer programs that serve the local community. 30% is returned to the Foundation to be used for one of our patient service programs. As an example, if the fundraiser is for the local breast cancer hospital clinic/department, the Foundation would add that 30% to our Clinic / Hospital trust and add the local hospital to our list to receive continued financial support each year from the Foundation regardless of them hosting another fundraiser, and as long as there are funds available to distribute from the trust.

We hope this helps everyone understand what we are attempting to establish and the legacy we hope to leave for years to come.  If you would like to donate to any of our Trust Funds or Programs you can request our Donation Form or you can make a donation using our Pay Pal account, (  Please be sure to state in the comments where you would like your donation to support.  If you don't it will go into the ADMINISTRATIVE TRUST Account.  Donations to our General Operation Account are always welcome since they allow us to attend events and pay for all of our bills like printing, phone, mailings, legal, accounting, and truck maintenance.
Sorry, NO personal checks are acceptable, only certified checks, money orders or direct donations to our Pay Pal account can be accepted.

The Pit Crew Team

If you are looking for a way to give back to your community or be involved in a National Program to help individuals, then you should join the World MotorSports Breast Cancer Foundation's Pit Crew Team, where your support directly affects those in need, NOW.  Volunteers are always welcome and needed to organize fundraisers or to help with the national programs, with marketing, social media, help at events or with our web sites.  If your looking to just do something in your community be sure to ask us about our 70/30 program.  70% or the funds you raise will stay in your community and 30% will come back to the Foundation's program in order to additionally support your community program that matches any of the above Foundation programs.
If interested feel free to contact us at, and follow us on our Facebook page,


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